The organization Bhrigu Arul Nilayam is a trust that works towards the welfare of mankind. The core focus of the org is oriented towards 3 main activities which are

  1. Siddha medicine (Research & formulation )
  2. Mind-Skills (Exploring manuscripts, Practicing techniques and Publishing texts) of siddhars
  3. Food sharing (Anna Dhanam)

The science of "self" is that of Siddhars which includes mind and body. For that it is important to understand the physical and mental form of human being. Even before that, it is vital to know who siddhas are.

Siddhars are scientists and altruistic personalities who are geniuses of mind, mavens of medicine, experts in metals and masters of nature elements like Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Alike zero to infinity in Maths the bareness manifesting to Boundlessness of atoms. This means all forms whether living or non-living, which is countless has come out from nothingness. This absolute progressions are realized by Siddhas, which allows them to understand the inheritance of prime source to all transmutation items irrespective of living and non-living of all reckonings.

Siddhars thus have a clear and factual explanation of how our inner life manifested into the physical tangible form and mental form. This brings out the physics, chemistry and biological aspects of human body in a more comprehensive way. The mankind has reached great heights, yet there stands a huge gap between the factual self v/s present knowledge of self.

Our organization with Guru Bhrigu and other Siddhas guidance are determined to make a change in life of people seeking truth and those willing to take the direction of factual self.

Siddha Medicine

Siddha medical system is built for treating the cause than the effects. The practice counsels to identify the roots of the disease and treat them. From light and sound evolves the 3 main branches heat, water and air in human body. The rhythm of these when in balance the humans are natural. When the pulsations varies the body is subjected to diseases. To keep the balance of this physics, ensure right chemicals inside the body and bio components that hold them it is important to understand the nuances of the knowledge the great siddhas put forward to us.

From herbs, metals to poison various atom symphonies have been created by siddhas, which has changed the quality of life for people, who deserved to be cured for centuries.

Like all systems it is the physician whose skills and knowledge are key for formulating medicines. The doctrines of siddha system were formed by great experts who mastered mind skills and knowledge of various atoms and molecule properties needed for medicine formation.

Mind Skills

The mind and brain is an archive of knowledge. However this is optimal only when the mind is tranquil. It is core that all techniques of yogic science, were formed to keep the mind still. A mind that is free from random wandering and constant surfing. A still mind takes the human capabilities to next level of science which is impossible for a person who has not trained to be so.

A still mind is the goal of all yogic practice which reveals the reason of our existence. It helps us to route back to the cradle of all sources the primordial one.

The organization researches and is firm to compile various practices of siddhars and their manuscripts for training human minds.

One of the unique ways of Bhrigu in "Self Discovery" will re-emerge and with his consent, persons who are ordained to learn it will receive this method of training from 2016 onwards.

Discovering Self

The Need to know thyself is key for understanding one's mind and their very life. Most of the population are docile to the fact they will perish and have accepted survival as it is and succumbed to this cycle. Those who questioned the existence of anything are Siddhas and Scientific Researchers. They drive this world of experience and progress for benefit of mankind. One who constantly works to understand self, lives to delight themselves and others, while rest merely exist?

  • Self-manifestation

    Like a huge banyan tree that manifests from a seed, the human form emerges out of life-seed. The life that manifested into a body of chemicals and organs of biology, was encoded erstwhile within the seed to grow so. The life within possesses the control to program the characteristics of features and quality of the one it manifests into. The genes determine the quality of one's body and thinking pattern, to which base information was boxed into to this cryptic seed. Working on this enigma directs us to the origin.

  • Engineering self

    Siddhas new the source and thereby the tools to engineer themselves to perfect body and mind. Their songs are not mere dialects but an experience using these means. With life as epicenter their writings revolves round the secrets of perfect living and chaste knowledge. It's a beautiful and effective way of living that will help us live and value life

Shri Bhrigu Maharishi Arul Nilayam


(Opposite Marudheri Bus Stop),

Chengalpattu Taluk,

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